We aim to help make the world a better place.

The Corporation

The spirit of Global Earnest was formed in 2009, after a decade of preparation, learning and polishing, we decided to establish an entity to be the headquarter in Hong Kong SAR, to make it easier to reach the markets globally, including Asia countries and districts. As a diversified and responsible corporation, our aim is to support surrounding communities and the environment we are living in while developing and maintaining the corporation’s business goals. We strive to make the world a better and more sustainable place to live through technologies and innovations.

Global Earnest

We are diversified, multicultural, foreseeing and responsible. We take care of the environment, being honest and acting with integrity towards all our partners, customers, and all other stakeholders.


We own and operate in several business segments. We develop and acquire businesses in different industrial sectors.


We are a multicultural micro-society, in and out. We believe a culturally boundless world will eventually benefit people and the environment.


We are forward-thinking about risks and opportunities. Foreseeing helps us make directions, avoid failure, and maintain a positive spirit.


We see Social Responsibility vital. We are accountable, committed and accepting ownership of our decisions, actions and behaviour.

Highlighted Businesses

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